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While I find the images of my clothing range... a thought or six to ponder...

By my own calculations MUSIC + $ - <3 = a struggle fuelled by greed and power where you are encouraged to give away your power as an artist / creative to be ‘successful’.

My lessons 

1 You can only control you. You don’t only have to be resilient, you have to be emotionally, physically, spiritually balanced, with a depth of understanding intellectual, social and cultural capital; knowledge of self is a given. Otherwise, you are a commodity, have a shelf-life and the industry infrastructure owns and controls you.

2 Separate empathy from stupidity

3 Make sure the bandwagon you choose to get on, is solid and not a social campaign designed to undermine understanding the real issue = privilege

4 Move away from the gaze of the western construct lens and look inwards to understand your connection to your physical-self. Do you first before exposing the behaviour of others, ‘cos there are always consequences, always.

5 There are many faces of the coloniser oppressor. For me from as young as seven, it was brown men, brown women, white men, then white women. Mmm...hmmm. And now I have moved to a different sector, the gatekeepers are the same, different order. I prefer to blame peoples’ individual behaviour as opposed to their skin colour 

Stupid comes in all colours, shapes, sizes and gender.

6 Add value to important conversations by expanding traditional / stereotypical / biased perspectives with your well thought through intellect (ancestral, indigenous, street, creative, artistic, hood, scientific, academic, political etc.,) challenging the status quo (that doesn’t work for all) and