Daughter of a Housegirl


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*** arts festival 2022


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March 22                           TBC                         TBC                                     TBC                                       TBC                     

Final part of the triptych series and the World Premiere of long-awaited full length album, Daughter of a Housegirl.

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of a housegirl /

HAWKES BAY arts festival 2021


Part two of triptych Black Moana sovereign storytelling series, this is Of a Housegirl.


Fresh from her sold-out 2021 Kia Mau Festival theatre debut, Daughter, Teremoana Rapley continues her live creative research and development inquiry triptych series with Of a Housegirl.

The second instalment of this analogue, sensory-challenging experience, is the continued culmination of her-storytelling ability, told through multidisciplinary means of music, imagery, shadow-play, audio-spatial design, moving images and space.

Watch creativity unfold in real time, inner conversations and outstanding salutations of a 30+ year career in music, events and television. Teremoana brings her whole self to the table, unapologetically expressing her thoughts delivered in a natural curation process, interplayed between aural and visual sensations from 808’s bass to sweet acoustic tunes; from seasonal backdrops to artistic graphic design interpretations of each of her songs.


Step inside the world of a Black Moana Sovereign Storyteller.

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March 2022       7.30pm                     MTG Century Theatre       Napier                                  $39-$44

DAUGHTER / Kia mau Festival 2021

The portrayal of a Black Moana Sovereign Story. Drawing from an unapologetic place of normalcy. Teremoana presents a fluid multidisciplinary performance piece, that is modular in construction and founded in Sovereign Storytelling. Live visuals coupled with bottom-heavy tracks interwoven with sweet acoustic flamenco inspired folk songs sits within an evolving seasonal back-drop setting the tone and mood for her work. Part one of a work-in-progress triptych series, this is 'Daughter'.

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Thu, 17 Jun 21          7.30pm                    Circa Theatre (two)         Wellington                            $15-$30                     
Fri, 18 Jun 21            7.30pm                     Circa Theatre (two)         Wellington                            $15-$30                     
Sat, 19 Jun 21         7.30pm                     Circa Theatre (two)         Wellington                            $15-$30