Daughter of a Housegirl


'ui / solo exhibition

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Now                  By appointment only      Tautai Gallery                 300 K'Rd, Akld                        Free                       Register       

‘ui takes us on a journey of self-discovery and explores the three-decade long creative life of Teremoana Rapley.


The exhibition will share private reflections of her life and how she defines her creative life today as a ‘Black Moana Sovereign Storyteller’. Her journey culminating with her debut album, which has been 34 years in the making, ‘Daughter of a Housegirl’, set for release in March 2022.


This vā is the only place you will hear her unreleased tracks prior to the album release.

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daughter of a housegirl /

AUCKLAND arts festival 2022


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Sat, 26 March      6.30pm                   The Civic Club                Queen St, Auckland                $35-59

A world premiere of thoughtfully curated songs, more than 30 years in the making, presented as a Black Moana Sovereign Story. Award-winning musician Teremoana Rapley performs her long-awaited, full-length debut album Daughter of a Housegirl.

Bass-heavy beats and sweet flamenco-inspired folk tunes are overlaid with vibrations and frequencies, encouraging audiences to be present in this inter-dimensional, multi-disciplinary musical experience of life, love, and living. A multi-talented artist whose journey began with Upper Hutt Posse and Moana and the Moahunters, Rapley (Cook Islands, Jamaica) uses reflections of breath and heartbeat to underline this salutation and dedication to her late mother as a celebration of what was, what is, and what will be.

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of a housegirl /

HAWKES BAY arts festival 2021


Part two of triptych Black Moana sovereign storytelling series, this is Of a Housegirl.


Fresh from her sold-out 2021 Kia Mau Festival theatre debut, Daughter, Teremoana Rapley continues her live creative research and development inquiry triptych series with Of a Housegirl.

The second instalment of this analogue, sensory-challenging experience, is the continued culmination of her-storytelling ability, told through multidisciplinary means of music, imagery, shadow-play, audio-spatial design, moving images and space.

Watch creativity unfold in real time, inner conversations and outstanding salutations of a 30+ year career in music, events and television. Teremoana brings her whole self to the table, unapologetically expressing her thoughts delivered in a natural curation process, interplayed between aural and visual sensations from 808’s bass to sweet acoustic tunes; from seasonal backdrops to artistic graphic design interpretations of each of her songs.


Step inside the world of a Black Moana Sovereign Storyteller.

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March 2022       7.30pm                     MTG Century Theatre       Napier                                  $39-$44

DAUGHTER / Kia mau Festival 2021

The portrayal of a Black Moana Sovereign Story. Drawing from an unapologetic place of normalcy. Teremoana presents a fluid multidisciplinary performance piece, that is modular in construction and founded in Sovereign Storytelling. Live visuals coupled with bottom-heavy tracks interwoven with sweet acoustic flamenco inspired folk songs sits within an evolving seasonal back-drop setting the tone and mood for her work. Part one of a work-in-progress triptych series, this is 'Daughter'.

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Thu, 17 Jun 21          7.30pm                    Circa Theatre (two)         Wellington                            $15-$30                     
Fri, 18 Jun 21            7.30pm                     Circa Theatre (two)         Wellington                            $15-$30                     
Sat, 19 Jun 21         7.30pm                     Circa Theatre (two)         Wellington                            $15-$30