Music makes me Happy...

Week Six. Almost finished setting up our home. Third meal cooked in our new house was Camembert, Chicken and Cranberry Pizza tonight while listening, singing and dancing to my favourite Chaka Khan album What Cha Gonna do for Me. An album my late Step-Dad introduced to me before the popular (for my generation) ‘I feel for you‘ single was released.

Our first home cooked meal after five weeks of take-out was Bacon and Egg Pie… even though Pak n Save generally offers cheaper groceries than other supermarkets DO NOT BUY the Budget Bacon as it is a version of bacon that isn’t actually bacon, hence the word budget in front of bacon. And as I my 10 year old explained ‘you should have just put ham in it…’

Home cooked meal number two consisted of our first kona’i (large lunch in Samoan Traditional Practice) in our new home. Which would have been perfect if our 19 year old had turned up at 1pm-ish as opposed to 2pm-ish… however, lunch (a little overcooked) was enjoyed by all nevertheless. I also baked Banana Loaf for dessert. Something I haven’t been able to do in six years since the oven in the last place we rented killed all hope of baking in our oven except for cookies, brownies and cakes baked in roasting trays (so they don’t have to rise as much if they were cooked in cake tins and needed to rise above two centimetres).

Having many ‘tings’ to be grateful, in my life. I have my late Step-Dad who was born in Hitchins, England and as white as the brothers from Average White Band (apart from the drummer who was black) to thank for my musical tastes. He introduced me to The Heptones, UB40, Frank Zappa, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and many more artists thanks to his Boys Home upbringing and a ‘walkabout’ in Australia in his late teens.

I often wonder how it is that I changed my destiny. Why I am different from my siblings and more importantly how it is that I am alive when the statistics were stacked against me living as long as I have. Maybe its because I am stubborn and don’t like doing what people tell me to do when it is a test of strength for strength. Or maybe it is as I have said in many interviews… Music Saved my Life.

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