To be or not to be... Was that the question?

A couple of things you should know about me – I read – a lot. Not by simply ‘google it’ either – but those things made from paper that you hold in your hand… Books (sometimes digital too..). I also converse with human beings – yes, face to face even. Imagine!

While I can see by reading between not too well hidden lines – there are many people with opinions who blog or facebook post or tweet or even construct news stories on mainstream television for the nation to watch, hear or read them. I have to wonder if the ideal of objectivity enters the mind of many who care enough to share their opinions? Let alone those who are paid by state funded organisations to reflect its’ society to society as a PBS.

To me, and this is my opinion… the answer is no.

We have enough people in the world moaning about this and that – and you should label your posts etc as just that – moaning, and mindless at that.

But please do not by any means believe that your stereotypically under researched opinion for actual facts on the topic you are moaning about is even close to reality. Alternatively, perhaps these opinions could construct a new genre of information sharing called, verbatim schītte. Now that is a constructive solution, with objectivity! Don’t believe everything you see in media… Be present.

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