A little bit about 'just me'...

Taking notes on a quarter of a century long love affair – this is a pdf of my musical journey thus far. You will need a cup of tea to get through the information. May I suggest a lemon, honey, ginger and garlic tea…

On the family side, I am the middle child of a five sibling family. I have four children, all boys. I am a wife. This is a picture of my two eldest sons with one of their favourite rappers. Their Dad is taking the photo.

I have worked in many areas within the entertainment industry: stage manager, television presenter, website designer, entertainment manager, graphics designer, magazine editor, executive producer, field and studio television director, scriptwriter, freelance writer, visual media editor, camera operator, project manager, production manager and event manager. I have been in most of these roles for over 15 years. I am currently working full time as a television producer.

I also deejay/select as well as backing vocals for South Pacific emcee King Kapisi. This work takes me around the world. Favourite places so far and where I would consider living, Bangkok (Thailand), Rarotonga (Cook Islands), Marseille, France and when I get use to driving on the right hand side of the road, Los Angeles, California.

Academically, I am currently finishing off my Executive Broadcasting Communications Degree, and look forward to studying in the areas of Indigenous Studies.

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