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Just over a year ago I resigned from my television producer job. That is, a consistent income that requires little mental stimulation or energy as a means to deliver desired deliverables on a project by project basis in order to meet the stipulations of a statutory act.

When you actively practice an action or movement repeatedly, on a daily basis, ideally, you should be competent at 'doing it'. I know what I am competent at doing. Attempting to impress others or newcomers to 'my new world' that I am competent, is challenging and frankly, I am not interested in 'demonstrating' my skills for anyone's perusal.

I know, I sound unemployable, but in actuality, instead of seeking work in the past 12 months, work has come to me. Don't get me wrong, I have applied for 28 jobs throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Asia. Shortlisted for two, and interviewed for two. Just to reiterate that is; 2:28, or 7% chance of getting shortlisted.

What I needed to do was reorganise my perception of life, family and work into the order it should have always been before I was unwittingly submerged into the daily grind of my parents generation's core existence.

Having three adult children now, with the last of our four children in his last four years of our free public school system. The dreams that I set aside, since giving birth to common sense in my early twenties, I am now able to re-look and rehash as I see fit with little concern for other people's welfare.

Writing these thoughts, following my dreams, reads a tad harsh. However, seeing the layout of the planning of achieving long-forgotten goals leaves an overwhelmingly powerful impression.

Whereas, the first 42 years of my life was about surviving, the next 42-60 years are about Living.

IMAGE Student & Teacher, Which is which?

Location SIAPO House, Paita, New Caledonia

Date Wednesday 13 April 2016


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